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By simply relying on common sense, all self-respecting companies should believe that the only way for them to succeed is to offer the best customer service they possibly can. This is what Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers, like us here at PCBNet intend to give the customers – products, printed circuit boards (PCB) manufactured based on several years of experience. Standards are not the only things that manufacturing company should meet. For starters, they must meet expectations – those that are above and beyond standards.

PCBPrinted circuit boards manufacturing began three decades ago. The industry wasn’t as lucrative as at is now. Before, only a few specific companies make an order but today, a regular PCB-manufacturing company should have pending order by the hundreds each day. Half of the orders are from the smartphone industry while the rest are for appliances. Our company has been enjoying a reputation for being the most inventive and effective PCB manufacturers. Not a lot of company can make good with their promise to produce small orders in a span of less than a week while at the same time, accomplishing medium-scale production in a little over two weeks.

Several PCB-manufacturing companies, like ours, have been servicing clients who are leaders in their own industry. Believe it or not, some known companies have yet to invest on independent means of PCB printing and mass production that they must outsource it. is created to see through the commitment to create quality products straight from customer’s imagination.

Most of the PCB manufacturing companies have facilities located in Taiwan, China and Korea.

It may come as surprising to many, but these three countries have grown to be good government partners of leading tech industry companies in Asia. Through a joint effort with the local managers in the three Asian countries, PCB production facilities in the countries enjoy ISO-140000, QS-9000, ISO-9002 and UL94V-0 accreditation. Regardless of the required production volume, most of the PCB-producing companies are able to meet the deadline and still save money without sacrificing quality.

Printed circuit boardsIndustry players come to understand that some of our customers may be concerned about orders being forwarded to manufacturing facilities overseas but this is not without an assurance to customers that the long-standing relationship with tech partners abroad is built upon a mutual understanding that the patrons of the PCB industry only deserve quality products. PCBnet has likewise established a good relationship with our customers because they trust us to come up with a printed circuit board following exactly the design that they need with the quality that they expect.

Deadline and quality are two of the main properties that PCB manufacturers look at. At, we always come up with a win-win method to create a design, which perfectly fits the customers’ budget especially when there is a need to mass-produce the prototype.

Most PCB manufacturers offer clients opportunities to save money by creating a bespoke design with little to no design revision. Most of them are not established on a vision to simply generate profits and forget the welfare of clients, both internal (employees) and external (customers). Companies like ours are built around the idea to help clients achieve the end goal they have in mind.

We have come to understand that our customers have heard of horror stories about the turnout of products from overseas manufacturers, but we consistently assure them that here at, our system ensures both quality and timeliness of the PCB production. Our international plants follow a carefully laid out timetable, which covers design study, preparation, production and quality control. It is our firm belief that all possible manufacturing snags can be determined and addressed during the vital per-fabrication phase.

Pcb fabricationCustomers can rest easy knowing that the industry has been investing its resources to update and upgrade state-of-the-art machines responsible for printing PCBs. Unlike before when the technology is not as common as it is now, it is now easier to find a manufacturing company, which uses a machine with ultramodern linear motor technology, cutting-edge vision system and trailblazing print heads. These guarantee speed and precision, both of which are crucial in putting together a PCB, which conforms to even the most complicated designs. uses only the best equipment specifically designed to increase customizability of PCB designs.

The international presence and immense manufacturing power in the global scale of several companies testify how they have worked hard to institute a reputation revered by those who are part of the tech industry.

We at streamlines the process by seamlessly connecting customer service specialists who access and manage quotation requests and orders from all over the country to our end consumers. Furthermore, the website stores all pertinent information received from our clients in a heavily encrypted database to make sure that crucial information are not leaked to third party web users or data phishers. uses only the best equipment specifically designed to increase customizability of PCB designs.

Custom ID Lanyards

If you’re looking to showcase your brand while providing security and convenience to your staff, visitors, clients or students, then there’s no easier and more practical way to do so than with our custom ID lanyards. Lanyards are a natural part of every organization, whether used for holding badges, keys, membership cards and other similar small items. And since you wear it all the time, we know you want your custom lanyards to be durable and look beautiful at the same time.

We are your ultimate source of high quality and great-looking lanyards that are sure to carry your brand and message effectively. If you want useful items to give away on your next fundraising event or trade show, custom lanyards are your best option. We’ll make sure your brand is not imprinted only on the lanyards, but on the minds of people as well.

Benefits of Lanyards

For whatever purpose, ID lanyards are ideal. You can rely on these products to secure your identification while keeping it visible at all times. And if you’re tired of pins or ID clips that always damage your outfit, opt for a better product that will do the job without ruining your appearance—lanyards!

Badge HoldersWhile widely used by people within the organization, custom lanyards can also be handed out to people outside the organization for the purpose of promoting your brand and spreading awareness. Lanyards are used everywhere—schools, business establishments, hospitals, churches, etc.—so if you give people customized lanyards, you’re sure they’ll be able to use it one way or another. What a smart way to publicize your brand!

Different Types of Lanyards

Lanyard needs differ from one organization to another. As such, we make every effort to offer various lanyard styles and options to ensure we have the best solution for each organization.

1. Polyester Lanyards.

We take high quality polyester material and use it to make high quality ID lanyards. As it is both cost-effective and dependable, polyester lanyards are the choice of many.

2. Woven Polyester Lanyards.

Woven lanyards look more stylish and elegant. Instead of imprinted, your design is woven directly on the fabric.

3. Tubular Lanyards.

Tubular lanyards are for those who need high quality custom lanyards on a budget to get more idea about tubular lanyards visit here wholesalelanyards. This lanyard style is inexpensive can is a reliable product as well.

4. Nylon Lanyards.

Nylon lanyards are made of premium quality material. We use silkscreen for the print to produce a shiny and vibrant effect that will make your imprinted brand name and logo visible from a distance.

5. Dye Sublimated Lanyards.

The dye sublimation process can imprint and completely fuse even the most elaborate designs into the polyester fabric. The result is a custom lanyard with full colors that look really exciting.

6. Cord / Shoestring Lanyards

Cord lanyards are one of the newest lanyard styles. These round lanyards are comfortable to wear and provide superb visibility for your text/logo and a neat, classic look for your lanyards.

Purchasing Tips

First and foremost, you have to identify the purpose of your ID lanyards. Are they going to be used in seminars or in a meeting? Will they be distributed in an event attended by many people? Especially when deciding how many lanyards to order, these are important factors to consider. Many lanyard companies like us offer bulk pricing in which you’ll be able to have more savings the more you buy.

ID HoldersWhen purchasing, it is also essential to determine whether the lanyards are to be used in the long-term or short-term. If your company is focused on company branding, most likely, all your employees are required to wear the lanyards every day. If that’s the case, it is wiser to choose a lanyard style that does not easily fade or wear out. But if the lanyards are to be used for occasional events like seminars, you can go with lighter materials that are suitable to hold name tags.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing custom lanyards is of course the budget. If you add more features and attachments to your lanyards, the cost is likely to increase as well. Be realistic. Buy only lanyards your company can afford. There are many cheaper lanyard styles to choose from without having to compromise quality.


Undoubtedly, ID lanyards are extremely beneficial items. They can be used for many purposes and they serve their purpose quite well. If you’re looking to get started with lanyards today, feel free to contact us. We offer the lowest wholesale prices in the industry while providing products of the highest quality. Getting great custom lanyards need not be too expensive and we have proven that over our long years of experience.

How To Choose The Right Silicone Wristbands For Your Organization

Silicone wristbands became popular in the early to middle years of the 21st century. A certain company used the wristbands to signify support to the event. By the turn of the decade, many organizations, companies, and sports organizer sold wristbands as merchandises or as a symbol of supporting the charitable causes. Nowadays, anyone can use the wristband for specific purposes.

If you are looking for a wristband for an event, we can help you. Use our guideline on how to choose the right wristbands for your organization.

First, pick the appropriate colors. Your chosen color helps in promoting your purpose. You may order your wristbands in a solid color or in a swirl of colors. You can select two or three colors without the cost per piece changing.

Second, select the logo. We can use your customized logo. Alternatively, you can choose from our pre-made logos. Including a logo makes it easier for people to remember your organization. They associate the logo to your organization. The next time they see your logo, people would know that it is your organization.

Silicone Wristbands

Third, decide whether to include a phrase or a slogan. Aside from logos, slogans that are brief and meaningful influence people to act and be part of your cause. Thus, create a powerful slogan. We can even help you construct your slogan if you do not have time to make it. Our team has experience in effective marketing.

Fourth, choose the size of the silicone wristbands. Our wristbands are half-inch to an inch wide. The lengths vary from child-sizes to large sizes. If you are not sure which length you should order, we suggest the medium sized wristbands. This size is standard and can fit any person’s wrists. Our wristbands are flexible and stretchable so they fit any wrist sizes. Even if the person has a large wrist, the bracelet can stretch to some extent.

Rubber braceletsFifth, determine how many wristbands you are ordering. Base your order quantity on your event. Will it be a small gathering of members only or a large number of people whom you like to convince to support your cause? Will the wristbands be a symbol of participation in a sports or community event?

Lastly, ascertain whether you want the wristbands customized or not. Customization includes name, participation number or any wordings or numberings that indicate the personal participation of the people attending. Usually, we recommend customization if the event is small and only requires small quantity of silicone wristbands.

How much do our wristbands cost? Our wristbands will only cost you less than a dollar apiece. The higher number you order from us, the lower the cost per piece will be. If you are to order with name customization, the cost is slightly higher by a few cents.

Why order from us? Our wristbands are made of 100% silicone. Thus, the wristbands are safe for children, if you are going to hold an event for kids.

Silicone BraceletsWhy should you order silicone wristbands? One, giving away wristbands on your event is a great way to make your participants remember your event. They last for years compared to ordinary paper giveaways. Two, ordering wristbands for your event makes it easier for your organizers to spot the participants of the event. The wristbands are waterproof and sturdier than a name card made of cardboard. In addition, it is a lot cheaper. You do not need to prepare for the tags. Let us to the preparation of your tagging problem, may it be a small or big event.

Silicone wristbands have become so popular that you can see them everywhere, from an ordinary member gathering of an organization to the biggest sports events in the state. Wearing one is not just hype. These wristbands are very useful, from serving as name tags to simple giveaways to participants. Get them for your event to reap the benefits of using wristbands as part of raising awareness for your incoming events.

Silicone Wristbands with segmented colors are perfect for almost any situation. Silicone wristbands became popular in the early to middle years of the 21st century. Click here to know more details.

Golf Iron Sets: An In-Depth Look

Golf iron sets are probably the most used, if not the most important, part of a golfer’s club set. Woods generate most of your distance, while putters are reserved strictly for the putting green. Irons, on the other hand, are used in between the tee and the green. Irons will not be able to kick your ball off the tee, or get you that 15-foot birdie on the green. But if you pick the right one, it will surely set you up for an easy birdie, or a stellar chip-in.

In-depth on Irons and their Design

golfGolf iron sets make up the majority of any golfer’s bag, beginner or professional. They’re the rough equivalent of a repairman’s range of wrenches and screwdrivers. Like wrenches, they are labeled with numbers, though some are given letters. They’re called irons because when they first started out, they were literally made of iron, usually forged. Nowadays, most irons are produced through investment casting. This process lets manufacturers mass produce clubs with consistent properties.

There are two designs for irons: muscle back and cavity back. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and are made differently.

Muscle back irons are the traditional design for iron clubs; hence they are made of forged iron, the traditional material for golf iron sets. Muscle-backs have a smaller “sweet spot”, or the best spot to hit the ball with, requiring more skill to handle. This means it will only do its job in the hands of a professional player, or a tournament-level amateur player. Since it’s forged, it allows for more customization, giving it an even bigger favor with better players.

Cavity back irons on the other hand are born out of the modern process of investment casting, allowing for more precise metal placement than forging. This means you have better weight distribution and easier production, perfect for mass-producing irons. This also means it’s easier for beginners to handle the iron, since it has a larger sweet spot compared to a muscle back iron.

Irons made for today’s game feature both designs, taking the best from how weight distribution can help beginners while still improving their game by not having that big of a sweet spot. Professionals and highly skilled amateurs still retain the small sweet spot for more control over their shot while still taking advantage of better weight distribution.

Types of Irons and How They are Used

When picking an iron from golf iron sets, it’s important to look at how each type of iron can give the golfer a different kind of shot. Know this by heart allows the golfer to look at how the shot can be best played without having to think about the club to use. There are 2 types of irons: numbered and wedge. Numbered irons are distributed into the following categories:

• Long irons. Golf iron sets rarely have these now because of the appearance of hybrid heads, but before the rise of hybrids these were a golfer’s go-to iron for long distance shots from the fairway. They have a small “sweet spot”, making them very hard to hit with. They have a range of 180 – 260 yards.

• Mid irons. These are probably the most utilized of the numbered irons, especially on par 4’s and par 5’s. With a range between 130 and 210 yards, they may not fly as far as hybrids or long irons do, but they certainly have more applications, like getting over hilly fairways or getting a chip in with more of a roll than the next kind of irons.

• Short irons. As the name implies, they are short-range irons (between 130 and 150 yards). They generate great high loft shots, and are great for escaping trees or doing approach shots from within 140 feet of the flag.

Wedges are the other type of iron you can see in a golf bag. These irons are used as utility irons, due to a higher loft than short irons. Wedges come in several variants, including:

• The pitching wedge (PW). This is an all-around wedge used to send the ball into the green if you’re too close to do it with an 8 or a 9 iron.

• The gap wedge (GW). With the de-lofting on pitching wedges, gap wedges (also known as approach, dual, utility, or attack wedges) are sometimes included to fill the gap and act as a secondary pitching wedge when the PW is deemed inappropriate.

• The sand wedge (SW). This wedge, as the name implies, is best used for getting out of sand bunkers. It’s wide sole allows for the most “bounce” of any club head, which lets it glide through the sand.

• The lob wedge (LW). It lets you “drop” a ball into a spot on the green that would otherwise be extremely difficult for any other wedge to get to.

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Muscle-backs have a smaller “sweet spot”, or the best spot to hit the ball with, requiring more skill to handle. This means it will only do its job in the hands of a professional player, or a tournament-level amateur player.

Positive Impacts Of Endurobol

The WADA and Endurobol

In March 21, 2013, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced to the world the potential harmful effects of Endurobol. As such, according to WADA, the substance must be banned from use.

Studies by GSK

Pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was the first company to develop and research about this drug. GSK undertook and completed Phase I, Phase II, and Phase IV of the clinical trials for gw-501516. The clinical studies of GSK merely evaluated the usefulness of the drug for heart disease patients.

The mechanism of action of Endurobol

Endurobol, also known as gw-501516, is a substance that has been recently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for its potential harmful effects to the human body. In the past year, 4 cyclists from Costa Rica and 1 cyclist from Russia has been suspended for testing positive with the use of this black market drug.

According to recent research, professional athletes are not the only people that are enticed by the use of this drug.The truth is a lot of people especially gym and sports enthusiasts are likewise enticed with the use of this drug because of its apparent positive effect to the endurance and muscular strength of a person.

image1It is usually being solicited by online retailers and marketers in bodybuilding forums and sports discussions around the globe. In Australia for example, it is being sold legally in the Australian grey market which is not regulated by the government. It is being sold and bought by Australian entities as a chemical reagent for scientific purposes or as a non-medication supplement. As such, the demand for Endurobol is strong despite the pronouncements of the WADA. In fact, anyone can easily purchase Endurobol online anywhere in the world. Once ordered, the buyer will simply choose whether he wants this drug to be sent in powdered or liquid form.

The primary explanation of experts why Endurobol has been branded as an effective drug in improving the physical performance of a person is that it works at the genetic level. Therefore, the banned drug will have a huge impact on the metabolism of the skeletal muscles of a person through his genes. Moreover, there was a recent laboratory study that studied the effects of gw-501516. Such study was entitled “Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPAR” and it was conducted by a group of scientists lead by Ronald M. Evans, Helen K. Cho, and Micheal C. Nelson. In this study, there were two sets of mice that were experimented. The first sets of mice were dosed while the second sets were not dosed. It was later found that the mice that were dosed doubled their performance in running endurance.

Apart from apparent cardiovascular endurance, Endurobol also have the following positive effects:

  1. Increase in expression of the muscle genes;
  2. Uptake of glucose in the skeletal muscle tissues level; and
  3. Improvement of metabolism of fat (includes the regulation thereof).

The indication of these benefits is that gw-501516 actually plays a key role in losing weight. The reason is that the banned drug artificially burn and convert body fats in order to release energy. This is in direct contrast to the normal functions of the human body. The reason is that the bodies will naturally burn and convert muscle protein and/or carbohydrates in order to release energy.

The bottom line

Despite its apparent usefulness, nobody is quite sure about its potential harmful effects on the human body. As such, at this point in time, the so-called dangers of gw-501516 are merely speculative – in the absence of a study or a thorough research that tells otherwise.