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By simply relying on common sense, all self-respecting companies should believe that the only way for them to succeed is to offer the best customer service they possibly can. This is what Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers, like us here at PCBNet intend to give the customers – products, printed circuit boards (PCB) manufactured based on several years of experience. Standards are not the only things that manufacturing company should meet. For starters, they must meet expectations – those that are above and beyond standards.

PCBPrinted circuit boards manufacturing began three decades ago. The industry wasn’t as lucrative as at is now. Before, only a few specific companies make an order but today, a regular PCB-manufacturing company should have pending order by the hundreds each day. Half of the orders are from the smartphone industry while the rest are for appliances. Our company has been enjoying a reputation for being the most inventive and effective PCB manufacturers. Not a lot of company can make good with their promise to produce small orders in a span of less than a week while at the same time, accomplishing medium-scale production in a little over two weeks.

Several PCB-manufacturing companies, like ours, have been servicing clients who are leaders in their own industry. Believe it or not, some known companies have yet to invest on independent means of PCB printing and mass production that they must outsource it. is created to see through the commitment to create quality products straight from customer’s imagination.

Most of the PCB manufacturing companies have facilities located in Taiwan, China and Korea.

It may come as surprising to many, but these three countries have grown to be good government partners of leading tech industry companies in Asia. Through a joint effort with the local managers in the three Asian countries, PCB production facilities in the countries enjoy ISO-140000, QS-9000, ISO-9002 and UL94V-0 accreditation. Regardless of the required production volume, most of the PCB-producing companies are able to meet the deadline and still save money without sacrificing quality.

Printed circuit boardsIndustry players come to understand that some of our customers may be concerned about orders being forwarded to manufacturing facilities overseas but this is not without an assurance to customers that the long-standing relationship with tech partners abroad is built upon a mutual understanding that the patrons of the PCB industry only deserve quality products. PCBnet has likewise established a good relationship with our customers because they trust us to come up with a printed circuit board following exactly the design that they need with the quality that they expect.

Deadline and quality are two of the main properties that PCB manufacturers look at. At, we always come up with a win-win method to create a design, which perfectly fits the customers’ budget especially when there is a need to mass-produce the prototype.

Most PCB manufacturers offer clients opportunities to save money by creating a bespoke design with little to no design revision. Most of them are not established on a vision to simply generate profits and forget the welfare of clients, both internal (employees) and external (customers). Companies like ours are built around the idea to help clients achieve the end goal they have in mind.

We have come to understand that our customers have heard of horror stories about the turnout of products from overseas manufacturers, but we consistently assure them that here at, our system ensures both quality and timeliness of the PCB production. Our international plants follow a carefully laid out timetable, which covers design study, preparation, production and quality control. It is our firm belief that all possible manufacturing snags can be determined and addressed during the vital per-fabrication phase.

Pcb fabricationCustomers can rest easy knowing that the industry has been investing its resources to update and upgrade state-of-the-art machines responsible for printing PCBs. Unlike before when the technology is not as common as it is now, it is now easier to find a manufacturing company, which uses a machine with ultramodern linear motor technology, cutting-edge vision system and trailblazing print heads. These guarantee speed and precision, both of which are crucial in putting together a PCB, which conforms to even the most complicated designs. uses only the best equipment specifically designed to increase customizability of PCB designs.

The international presence and immense manufacturing power in the global scale of several companies testify how they have worked hard to institute a reputation revered by those who are part of the tech industry.

We at streamlines the process by seamlessly connecting customer service specialists who access and manage quotation requests and orders from all over the country to our end consumers. Furthermore, the website stores all pertinent information received from our clients in a heavily encrypted database to make sure that crucial information are not leaked to third party web users or data phishers. uses only the best equipment specifically designed to increase customizability of PCB designs.