Positive Impacts Of Endurobol

The WADA and Endurobol

In March 21, 2013, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced to the world the potential harmful effects of Endurobol. As such, according to WADA, the substance must be banned from use.

Studies by GSK

Pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was the first company to develop and research about this drug. GSK undertook and completed Phase I, Phase II, and Phase IV of the clinical trials for gw-501516. The clinical studies of GSK merely evaluated the usefulness of the drug for heart disease patients.

The mechanism of action of Endurobol

Endurobol, also known as gw-501516, is a substance that has been recently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for its potential harmful effects to the human body. In the past year, 4 cyclists from Costa Rica and 1 cyclist from Russia has been suspended for testing positive with the use of this black market drug.

According to recent research, professional athletes are not the only people that are enticed by the use of this drug.The truth is a lot of people especially gym and sports enthusiasts are likewise enticed with the use of this drug because of its apparent positive effect to the endurance and muscular strength of a person.

image1It is usually being solicited by online retailers and marketers in bodybuilding forums and sports discussions around the globe. In Australia for example, it is being sold legally in the Australian grey market which is not regulated by the government. It is being sold and bought by Australian entities as a chemical reagent for scientific purposes or as a non-medication supplement. As such, the demand for Endurobol is strong despite the pronouncements of the WADA. In fact, anyone can easily purchase Endurobol online anywhere in the world. Once ordered, the buyer will simply choose whether he wants this drug to be sent in powdered or liquid form.

The primary explanation of experts why Endurobol has been branded as an effective drug in improving the physical performance of a person is that it works at the genetic level. Therefore, the banned drug will have a huge impact on the metabolism of the skeletal muscles of a person through his genes. Moreover, there was a recent laboratory study that studied the effects of gw-501516. Such study was entitled “Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPAR” and it was conducted by a group of scientists lead by Ronald M. Evans, Helen K. Cho, and Micheal C. Nelson. In this study, there were two sets of mice that were experimented. The first sets of mice were dosed while the second sets were not dosed. It was later found that the mice that were dosed doubled their performance in running endurance.

Apart from apparent cardiovascular endurance, Endurobol also have the following positive effects:

  1. Increase in expression of the muscle genes;
  2. Uptake of glucose in the skeletal muscle tissues level; and
  3. Improvement of metabolism of fat (includes the regulation thereof).

The indication of these benefits is that gw-501516 actually plays a key role in losing weight. The reason is that the banned drug artificially burn and convert body fats in order to release energy. This is in direct contrast to the normal functions of the human body. The reason is that the bodies will naturally burn and convert muscle protein and/or carbohydrates in order to release energy.

The bottom line

Despite its apparent usefulness, nobody is quite sure about its potential harmful effects on the human body. As such, at this point in time, the so-called dangers of gw-501516 are merely speculative – in the absence of a study or a thorough research that tells otherwise.